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I was following your side gtop blog. Im sad to hear you’re closing everything down

I’m sad that that blog didn’t become what I wanted it to be (seeing as I had it so short) but I’d rather delete it than keep it that way. My main blog (this one) will remain though! For the foreseeable future at least. 

The end is near

I’ve just seen that apparently someone made a special blog to reblog all my gtop posts to in case I deleted. Oh man, I find it hard to wrap my mind around it — combined with all the amazingly nice messages I’ve gotten it seems my blog was much, much, much more liked than I had thought. 

It feels a bit bitter sweet — like the last day of high-school, you’re ready to move on but at the same time reluctant to cut ties for good because there’s so many good memories. That’s the feeling I’m getting now.

Anyhow, it’s 16.30 now and at approximately 20.00 I will close my ask box, log out and not come back. So if you still have anything to say or ask, do it now. 

Also, because it’s been asked: this is my livejournal where I’ll still post my writing and thoughts and etc. Fics will be public but if you wish to see my other posts you’ll need to leave a comment in the first post and I can friend you back :)

Anonymous said: Ah, I'm really sad that you're leaving. I've been a big fan since I first found your writing on ff, and once I found out you had a tumblr, I was so excited. I really enjoy your writing and posts, and, ahhh, I'm going to miss you! Best of luck to you in the future, and thank you for all that you've done~ ♥♥♥♥

I don’t even know what to say. I’m just slightly overwhelmed and incredibly flattered that anyone would call themselves a fan of me. 

There are so many talented writers in fandom and I’ve never considered myself to be all that special, but seeing as it’s the thing I love to do most, any compliments regarding that make me very happy. So many thanks for enjoying my fics and letting me know!

Also, I’m sorry to be going… but of course I’ll still be on Livejournal and and I will keep uploading my writing there! So you don’t really need to miss me, haha. :-)

Thank you so much for your message and being so kind and also for tolerating my blog, because seeing as you know me from I’m going to assume you followed me for oldrival and we both know that only made up about one percent of this blog, haha ;-)

Anonymous said: Ah... I will really, really, really, reaaaally miss you ; A;

This might be embarrassing but all these messages are making me a bit emotional.

Oh man. 


Anonymous said: are you leaving or not


I’m answering all my messages now, and I leave for good (that sounds dramatic) tonight, as I’d intended. 

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Anonymous said: You'll be deleting your blog too?! D: I'll miss all the posts and all the observations and all of your writings. I really enjoy reading your take on everything anyone asks you. Aaah I'll miss your posts so much! I wish you good luck in your future and hopefully, we'll see more of you one day! Thank you for all the work you've done and thank you for creating this wonderful blog! ♥

Wow I. Wasn’t aware people liked my blog (or me) this much? The saying ‘you only appreciate something when it’s -almost- gone’ seems applicable as always. 

Well, also thank you for your sweet words and for following and enjoying my blog this much. I also had a good time here. I’ll miss writing semi-essays about my otp and writing semi-witty stuff in the tags, haha.

As for deleting — I had set my mind on it, but now I might leave my blog like this and just… not post anymore. So two years of posts won’t all be gone. Because for me it kind of feels like an online diary and I understand your point of view that you’d miss certain posts. 

However, if it turns out I can’t stay away then I’ll delete after all. So it’s like that. We’ll see.

Thank you! 

Good-bye notice


It has been a while coming, but I have made up my mind: I will leave Tumblr. It was not an easy decision, but I know that it’s the right one for me. That means this blog, but also my side-blogs, will be deleted.

I’ll give it a day and delete my blog tomorrow evening (June 18th, around eight o’ clock Amsterdam time) so I can answer all messages and save the things I want to save and also give everyone a heads-up. If you wish to find me, I’ll still use my Livejournal (it hasn’t been very active lately, but now I’ll change that.) If you want to friend me, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the first post there! :)

I am a bit sad to miss out on all the fandom stuff now — tumblr really is the best way to do that. But if we keep talking on LJ or elsewhere maybe you can keep me informed on all what’s happening, haha. It’d be nice if I could continue all the good things of this site over on LJ, but without the bad aspects ;-)

Lastly: thank you so much for following me and often being so very nice. I have received a lot of love here and I’m thankful for it. I’ve had a good time here and enjoyed participating in fandom talk and meeting people and blog about whatever. So thank you and maybe I’ll see you again. 

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:( Im really sad by this, but I know we cant stop you so good luck with everything. And lastly, thank you for sharing your views and being you. Youre really one of the few decent people in the fandom. :)

I’m sorry :(

I’m sad too :(

I’m getting all these super nice messages and it makes me miss tumblr even though I’m not even gone yet..! Ugh. 

But thanks a lot for your words: they’re very kind and I appreciate them a lot. You’re super sweet for saying so :)

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LJs literally a dead site though; everyones moved over to dreamwidth. (but ill also miss you even if i havent been following long; you have a nice way about you)

A site is not dead as long as there’s still one person active ;-) and maybe I’ll do a humble attempt to revive it, haha.

Not very long, no, I think you only followed me a couple of days ago haha. But oh wow. that is a very nice thing to say. not sure what to answer except thank you…! :-)

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Anonymous said: Aw it's sad to hear that you're leaving. You're seriously one of the reasons why I joined tumblr. I love your gtop drabbles and you probably made me ship gtop! I'm gonna miss you girl! Hopefully you'll come back but thank you for everything!

Oh my goodness I’m so flattered I don’t even. My blog is a reason someone joined this site? Also thank you so much about the drabbles, I’m pleased to hear.

And I made you ship gtop? (Let’s leave out the “probably ;-) Well I think my job here is officially done, haha!

This is a very sweet message and I appreciate it, thank you so much :)